Embrace Your Power: A Sistah to Sistah Conversation by Renee White aka “Dr. Nay”


Dr. Nay's unique conversational-style poetry fosters women empowerment in a motivational and personalized manner. She creatively addresses the female experience in an interactive approach, that allows the reader to self-reflect and connect with her poetic craft. Her poetry stimulates the reader's thought process and facilitates quality dialogue, building a supportive Sistah Hood community that promotes the freedom of sharing one's voice and personal story. Dr. Nay encourages authentic "Sistah to Sistah" conversations for women, of all walks of life and at various points along the journey of life, to embrace their power within.

Readers are invited to join the broader Sistah to Sistah Conversation via the DrNay blog and/or YouTube channel.

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Dr. Renee M. White was affectionately nicknamed Dr. Nay by family and friends when she earned her doctoral degree of educational leadership at the University of Virginia in 1995. She is currently a full professor, teaching literacy and cultural diversity. Dr. Nay initiated her career over thirty years ago as a NYC public school elementary teacher upon graduating New York University. As a native New Yorker and former NYC public school student, she now teaches higher education and resides on Long Island. From the perspective of a mature woman and divorced mother with two adult sons, Dr. Nay writes motivational poetry for a diverse audience of women. She shares a variety of insights about women's experiences regarding life and love. Through her poetic craft, Dr. Nay promotes women's unity, encouragement, and empowerment. Readers are invited to continue the Sistah-to-Sistah Conversations through her blog at https: //drnay.blog/ and/or her YouTube Channel at https: //www.youtube.com/channel/UCmt778enj1g0f12z6MsBRjQ/featured. In addition, she facilitates Sistah Pod workshops encompassing a myriad of interesting topics, where Sistahs share their expertise and knowledge with one another.


ISBN: 978-1-951943-98-1
Publication date: December 9, 2021
Page count: 126
List price: $16.99
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Embrace Your Power: A Sistah to Sistah Conversation by Renee White is not just a book of poetry, but an interactive guide to finding self-worth and respect in a crazy world. Each of the chapters is a lesson about life told from the female point of view.

So much to say about this book! It was truly an amazing read that I could not put down... so much resonated with me and I believe that women of all ages can relate to this book. I love the moments provided for reflection and this book has helped me on my journey.. things can get challenging at times but I feel so empowered, validated, and understood.. was this book written for me???is what you will ask after reading this masterpiece.. Trust me, you will not be disappointed!

I absolutely love this woman from the inside out. Her poetry is absolutely phenomenal! Think of it like a self help poetry book for women! Pick this one up ladies!

Embrace Your Power: A Sistah to Sistah Conversation by Renee White fosters women's empowerment using her conversational style poetry. She encourages authentic conversations for all women and to embrace their power within instead of staying quiet. Usually poetry isn't my thing but this one was a very good book that I'd gladly recommend to the women in my life. Even reading it as a man, I was able to enjoy the poems and their message.

This book is excellent!! Once you start reading it, you can't put it down. I'm ready to read the next one Dr. Nay!!

 think that all women should read this book. It's very important that one's self-esteem as a woman should remain very high because society these days sometimes think women can't do better. Embrace Your Power: A Sistah to Sistah Conversation by Renee White is a book done in a poetic style that aims to converse directly with the women. I love how it was written. The writing style of Renee White is amazing, easy to follow, and very relatable. The phrases used here were very encouraging and it offers positivity. Whenever you feel bad, I recommend that you read this book. It's very uplifting as well!

A book meant for women! Embrace Your Power is a book all women should have at hand. It is conversational-style poetry that allows females to look at things from another perspective.

In this wonderful book, Dr Renee White engages women in a one-to-one dialogue in a very particular way, through poetry. These beautiful and inspiring poems were written to empower and motivate female readers and to promote reflection upon different topics.

Dr. Nay has provided a thought provoking and interactive book of poetry with a focus on the journey of women. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and sharing it with my daughter. There are prompts after the poems to encourage self-reflection and discussion. Fantastic!

Thanks Renee for all your uplifting poems, so glad to be a part of the Sistahood. Congrats and can't wait for the next publication.

Excellent book of poetry. This book is captivating, intriguing and additive. From the beginning to the end the book takes you through the journey of a women's life. It's like like each poem teaches you about life and what is the best approach to it. Every women needs to read this book and it will make you feel empowered to face it all.

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