Dyin's Easy

by Gary Prisk


Dyin’s Easy is a treasure. Experience a full-immersion dip into the chaos of British Special Operations: circa 1939. Operation Snow White begins as an eight-man, long-range penetration mission into Northern Tonkin. Within moments, it devolves into the survival of Major Edward Hardin. As a team leader (code name, Doc) he runs the Mother’s Ratline.

Gary Prisk develops a layered narrative that, scene by scene, shows the reader a story of international intrigue. The cast ranges from a spy in MI6 to German bankers and industrialists all the way through to their well-paid assassins. With unmatched depth, Gary Prisk introduces the reader to characters so deeply mired in the chaos of deceit, the reader will anticipate Doc’s run from Burma to China Bay, from Aden to Malta and Marseille, and on to England.

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The Author:

Born in Phoenix, Arizona in 1943, more inclined to throw a 4-seam rock than study, Gary Prisk graduated high school with less than average grades, extremely high SAT scores, and no plan. In June 1966, after earning an engineering degree from the University of Washington, along with an army infantry commission, and his father's WWII memories, he became an airborne ranger. For Gary, the sudden death of his father in July 1967, colored the memory of his father's landing in Normandy on June 6, 1944, the pictures in his father's den, and each war-time bit of the old man's advice. Gary's war started in late November 1967 with the 173rd Airborne Brigade. Rejecting the war as discomposed and a tragedy, Gary returned to the U of W, earning a second engineering degree, an MBA, and was accepted into the doctoral program in Finance. He soon realized while teaching he spent most of his time expecting to be ambushed. And, while working in construction he could better check his perimeter and laugh while playing double-or-quit with his sanity.


ISBN: 978-1-957013-51-0
Publication date: December 14, 2022
Page count: 508
List price: $19.73
Formats available: paperback and eBook

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