May 25

Doing the Subtitle Right


It’s important to spend time considering your book’s subtitle before getting your heart set on you. The right subtitle, combined with your book title, can provide the perfect one-two punch on grabbing a potential customer’s attention.

There are numerous factors to consider for a subtitle: length (you don’t want a subtitle that’s so long that it takes over the cover), a short description of your book that complements the title (take Hybrid Global’s recently published bestseller as an example, “Women Who Rock: Inspirational Stories of Success by Extraordinary Women“), or perhaps something contradictory that captures a potential reader’s attention and/or curiosity (for example, consider Michael Moore’s documentary “Capitalism: A Love Story”).

Subtitles may seem small and inconsequential, but they can really make or break your marketing efforts so you had better not just dismiss them!

Read more about crafting the perfect subtitle at Self Publishing Advisor.


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