Destination Freedom by Susanne Reyto


Susanne Reyto narrates the story of her childhood experiences under an oppressive Nazi regime, followed by the harrowing years of cruelty under Communism in Hungary. Finally, reaching her ultimate destination, freedom in the United States of America. Learn more at http: //

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Susanne M Reyto is an award-winning author, speaker, world traveler, and an ardent supporter of Israel and the free world.

She is a child survivor of the Holocaust and grew up under Communism. Her childhood experiences and her ultimate escape from Communist Hungary in the late 1950's left Susanne with an unwavering spirit of optimism and perseverance. This is the message she spreads to audiences, young and old.

Susanne is an active member of several organizations. She is the immediate past Chairman of the Board of Governors of City of Hope, American Freedom Alliance, and board member of Beverly Hills Women's Club. She is a frequent speaker at Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust where she aims to educate our future generations about the history of the Holocaust and Communism.

Her writings have been featured in major US newspapers and Internet magazines/websites. She has appeared on television and radio in the US and Canada. Her first book, Pursuit of Freedom has been designated as recommended reading for high school students. Her current book, Destination Freedom, is written for middle school students with the hope that parents will also be able to read and discuss the events in a family setting.

In Susanne’s latest role as chairman of the Violins of Hope Los Angeles, with the help of rescued and restored string instruments from the Holocaust, she is dedicated to inspiring students to create a more inclusive future through lessons of tolerance. To help teachers with lesson plans, Susanne created Holocaust Teaching Guide, introducing history with responses emphasizing music and culture.

Susanne grew up in Australia, lived on Guam while her husband served in the US Navy and has traveled the world.

Her life today is balanced between family, business, cultural activities and philanthropy. Susanne is married, and has one daughter and two grandchildren.


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