Create successful published authors within your community without headaches, hassle or unnecessary expense.

How a Compilation Book Creates a Win-Win-Win for Your Community

An On-Demand Training with Karen Strauss and Mark Porteous

Compilation Books are a fast, easy way to grow your community from within while showcasing your top leaders and creators.

Multi-author compilation books have been around for years in speaker, leader, expert and coaching communities.

In the past, these may have felt like a massive undertaking involving a lot of cost, coordination, headaches, and organization before you even get to the publishing and promotion.  

It's also difficult to find a partner who knows every step of the process, from the idea phase all the way through what it takes to publish or even reach Amazon Bestseller status.

The good news?  We've got a better solution.

On August 3rd, I'm joined by my good friend, "The Soul Connector" Mark Porteous, to dive deeper into how you can offer Compilation Books to your community easily and immediately.

Whether you choose to add this to your existing offers or use it as something new for your community, you'll find that these books help grow your community and reach by highlighting your up-and-coming stars as well as other top leaders in your industry.  While they're in the process of promoting the book and each other, they're also expanding your footprint and spreading the word about what you do.

It's a true Win-Win-Win for your partners, your community, and yourself!

A compilation book gives top or up-and-coming community leaders an opportunity to showcase you while promoting themselves AND each other.

What's covered in the live session?

What's new in Compilation Books?

Though Compilation Books have been around in many communities for a long time, we've made it far easier for you.  Understand all of the moving pieces it takes to get it done and delivered in the modern environment.

What are the processes and costs involved?

You'll understand the cost model, deliverables and work behind each project so that you can add a compilation book to your offers with confidence.  You'll also discover how to best introduce it to your potential authors!

Why you should host your own compilation book.

Not sold yet?  We'll walk through some examples of how these books have worked for other leaders and businesses, show some examples, and share leaders and authors who have had success with this model.

Meet Your Hosts:

Karen Strauss, Hybrid Global Publishing

Karen Strauss

Karen Strauss has worked in publishing for more than thirty years and has held management and marketing positions at major publishing houses, including The Free Press, Crown, Random House, and Avon.Karen founded Hybrid Global Publishing in 2011 to help authors, speakers, and entrepreneurs get their message out by writing and publishing a book. She offers publishing, distribution, and marketing services for organizations and individual authors. Karen is the author of Book Publishing for Entrepreneurs: Top Secrets from a New York Publisher and offers an online course called Publishing 101: Your Complete Guide from Idea to Published Author.

Mark Porteous

Known as “The Soul Connector”, Mark Porteous has been married to his wife and business partner Renee since 2002. They are parents of twins, a boy and a girl, born in 2010. He is a Joint Venture Strategist, Affiliate Concierge, co-founder of the Soul Affiliate Alliance and the #1 Best Selling author of Soulful Leadership; Spiritual Path to Health, Wealth and Love.  Mark connects people to who they are at soul-level, why they are here AND, to the people who can help them THRIVE in their Divine Purpose.

Transformational Leaders and Inspired Influencers hire Mark to reach more people with their message by developing soulful collaborations and alliances, so they can leverage their expertise to make a greater impact in the world while enjoying more freedom, ease and flow in their own lives.

Compilation books will help your community shine while expanding your influence and brand.