Climb Every Mountain: Dr. Linda’s Leadership Lessons by Linda Edgar


Climb Every Mountain: Dr. Linda's Leadership Lessons is a culmination of over 20 years of reading leadership books and gathering inspirational quotes and poems that helped Dr. Linda grow, become a better leader, a better speaker, a better coach and inspire others. The word "Inspire" means to "Breathe Life into another."

Her vision was to gather a lot of great leadership information in one book to help other leaders and future leaders be efficient with their time when preparing a talk, writing an article or just wanting to be inspired.As a national class marathon and triathlon competitor and running coach she often used the poems and quotes she has gathered in this book for inspiration.The book also talks about her leadership and athletic journey to show anyone that with enough grit and determination and removing the words can't and impossible from your vocabulary anything is possible. After all "Disneyland was started with a mouse."

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Dr. Linda Edgar has been a dentist for 30 years and currently serves as a Trustee at the American Dental Association. She was elected National Secretary and President for the Academy of General Dentistry. Linda taught junior high and high school honors chemistry for 15 years before going back to dental school at the age of 37. She completed over 45 marathons, participated in the First Women's Marathon Trials in 1984 and completed 2 Ironman Triathlons. Her adopted son, Captain David Edgar is an Alaska Airlines pilot. She has been married to Dr. Bryan, also a dentist, for 49 years. Linda has published Davis's adoption story, Thank You for Giving me David.


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