Summary: BORN FOR MORE is an inspiring memoir of one woman's journey from abject poverty, death and despair to living a life of dreams, destiny, and fulfillment. Believing that she was Born for More than the life she was leading. Though she escaped the ghetto and ascended to an Ivy League education, and obtained two master degrees, despair continued to haunt her. As you read her story of failure, defeat and triumphs, you will be inspired.

Reviews for Born for More:

"Everyone has a story of hardship to tell. But few are as riveting as Neecol Resnin's in Born for More. But this is no woe-is-me story, though Neecol has every right to claim that, but rather a triumphant and empowering one, which is graciously interlaced with powerful success strategies she shares along the way. I wholeheartedly recommend this book if you have ever experienced a down-in-the-dumps day, as well as seriously discouraging seasons of life." -Maryann Ehmann, Speaker, Author, Lifestyle Business Mentor, Creator of

"Born For More will amaze and inspire you. Neecol's story and her success tips will empower you to overcome any adversity, hardship or challenge. Bottom line - this book ROCKS!" -Craig Duswalt. Speaker, Author, Radio Host and Creator of RockStar Marketing,

"I am an educator with the Saint Louis School District and my family and I once lived in the housing projects that Neecol spoke of. We did qualify. Unfortunately some did not. I am sure this book will inspire and motivate many from beginning to end. A must read." -Terry Williams, School Counselor/Teacher, M.Ed.

"Neecol has such an inspiring story. It has excited me to pursue my dream and start my own business." -Cheryl Jenkins, Business Owner.

ISBN: 9781938015281

Publication date: May 5th, 2017

Page count: 100

List price: $12.95

Formats available: paperback and eBook

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