June 20

Book Marketing Strategy and Brand Building Online

Translating your company’s brand identity, promoting products, and driving sales online can present a big challenge in the face of smaller niche markets. Thankfully, for as many obstacles as the Internet presents, it also offers innovative solutions. Not only must you specifically tailor your efforts but also carefully track what is working. These online tools and resources can help in your marketing efforts.

Keeping up with the latest methods of reaching people is important in the ever changing online world. Prominent Internet marketing strategist, and social media marketer B.L. Ochman’s What’s Next Blog, an AdAge Power 150 blog, provides up-to-the-minute news, trends, and resources of social media marketing.

Tracking your efforts can also give you insight into what works online. Google provides a free service called Google Alerts, enter in your key titles and receive emails every time they are mentioned online.

The Internet has forever changed the dynamics of effective book marketing strategy and brand building. Online the landscape is one of many to many, no longer one to many. Reaching out to consumers on their terms in their niche fields on interest is of utmost importance.


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