May 3

Book Marketing Basics: Building Relationships


To be a successful author, especially a successful indie author,  it is absolutely crucial you know what message you are trying to market, you understand how to best present it, and you know who you are trying to.

Often, the most difficult part of marketing once you have all this is finding those people you have narrowed down and are trying to marketing to. There is a lot of grinding involved with marketing to get your message out in hopes that maybe that this little one post will be your lucky shot at your big break.

Unfortunately you can’t ignore your audience if you want to be successful (who else will buy your book besides your mother?) so if you’re having problems finding people who are interested, maybe it’s time to rethink your approach.

You should be always doing one of these two things when promoting your books: creating a connection, or driving a sale.

For indie authors, it’s important to try to create more connections than you try to drive sales, you do not want to turn off your potential customer by spamming them constantly to buy your book. Instead, offer content to them to build on your relationship. Entice your audience with something that’ll make them feel like they should check out your book without being too obvious about it.

Read more about how to get more sales from getting attention and learn more about Jane Friedman’s book The Business of Being a Writer here at the GoodReads blog.


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