April 17

Which Book Format has the Most Growth Potential?


It’s easy to assume that eBooks will continue dominating over the rest of the book formats, in terms of sales. Thanks to their ease and accessibility, eBooks have quickly grown and become accepted into the mainstream. But are they still the book format that still has the most growth potential now?

Well according to Joe Wikert, another book format is edging eBooks out in terms of potential. The market for audiobooks is rapidly growing and so is the demand for them as well. It’s not hard to realize why; people are more willing to listen to a book (and do something else in the meantime) than they are to sit down and read. Therefore, it’s a no brainer in today’s multitasking world that both audiobooks and podcasts are gaining popularity.

Audiobooks are already seeing much growth thanks to Amazon who owns Audible, a major distributer of audiobooks. With the online retailing giant behind them, maybe it’s possible that one day audiobooks will be the most popular book format…

Read more about why audiobooks might eclipse the eBook’s popularity at Joe Wikert’s Digital Content Strategies.

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