Becoming a Digital Unicorn: 5 Steps to Set Yourself Apart

in a Competitive Economy

by Trice Johnson


The continuous wave of digital disruptions is demanding something new from each of us, whether you work for a large corporation or a small business, own a startup, or are a recent graduate looking to break into the industry. Your ability to think beyond what's possible and solve problems with a different lens is the secret sauce that will set you apart-and increase your uniqueness in the market.

Becoming a Digital Unicorn is your personal pocketbook masterclass, providing you with a practical, step-by-step approach to reinvent yourself and secure your future by cultivating your unique mindset, purpose, gifts, and the digital skills needed to thrive in this rapidly changing economy.

Today's needs are great with no shortage of problems to solve-and the digital universe is wide open. Where you go, and how far, can largely-if not completely-be driven by you.

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Trice Johnson is a digital innovation strategist whose research and work over the past two decades has been focused on helping businesses prepare for their digital future. She has consulted for hundreds of companies and thousands of leaders globally, empowering them to harness the use of new, fast, and rapidly changing technologies to solve complex business problems. As a leadership coach and speaker, Trice has motivated and empowered many businesses, startups, and individuals to discover their unique purpose in the market and unlock their greatest potential to thrive in the digital economy.


ISBN: 978-1-951943-67-7
Publication date: October 8, 2021
Page count: 166
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This was exactly what I needed at this moment. It’ll serve as my guide to being unstoppable in this industry. I appreciate the self-reflection questions after each chapter to ensure we’re taking the information in and using action steps to execute. Well written!

Every company in the digital/tech space Wants to be a Unicorn but so very, very few achieve that status. Ms. Johnson's work provides a tremendous framework for finding the Unicorn within and then provides guidance on how to release that into reality. If you're reading this review, you probably are not yet a Unicorn but desire to be one. Skip to the "Add to Cart" link. You'll be glad you did !!!

Becoming a digital unicorn is a book that helps readers reinvent themselves to catch up with the rapidly growing and changing economy, something we all need. I found this read to be totally interesting. The author, Trice Johnson, has a very clear way of explaining things and that makes this a fast-read book that I finished in a couple of days.

I picked up this easy to read, worthwhile and inspiring book last week. Trice provides a framework for setting yourself apart and staying at the forefront of this ever changing digital world.

Trice Johnson is a digital innovation strategist whose research and work over the past two decades has been written down in this book called Becoming a Digital Unicorn. In this reading, Johnson was able to put into simple words the ability to think beyond what’s possible and solve problems with a different lens which will provide the reader with a great unique to put their perspective to work.

Becoming a Digital Unicorn! 5 Steps to Set Yourself Apart in a Competitive Economy, was exactly the book I was looking for. I had recently started working in a new company, and being able to distinguished myself from my co-workers in order to get the promotion I wanted, was not an easy task.

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