January 25

Becca Stevens is awesome!


I had the opportunity to spend some time this weekend with Rev. Becca Stevens. She is an Episcopal Priest who  founded Magdalene House, a two-year resident community and safe haven for women from the streets who are drug addicted, into prostitution, live in dire poverty and have criminal records. She is currently on an 8-city Prison Tour to visit women behind bars to share with them the message of hope and love as a  powerful force for change.It coincides with a book she wrote for Abingdon Press, called Find Your Way Home

Then, there’s Thistle Farms, the nonprofit business operated by Magdalene House residents. Thistle Farms products are handmade, natural bath and beauty products, and the women are involved in every step from their making to their marketing and selling. I attended a house party in New York City and when two women from Magdalene told their stories – there was not a dry eye in the house. When she spoke at Christ Church on Sunday I began to believe that this woman is descended from the angels. She is one of the most inspiring people I have ever met.

I hope you will check out Thistle Farms – www.thistlefarms.org and buy lots of products. Its okay to buy hers books too 🙂 You will be contributing to an organization that really helps women and saves lives. As for me – I hope she starts a New York Branch because I will be the first in line to volunteer.


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