The world of publishing has changed a lot over the past several years. Prospective authors have started to shift away from traditional publishing to explore self-publishing alternatives that give them more agency over their story. Self-publishing and hybrid publishing are no longer the niche categories that they used to be. The playing field for books produced in these different sectors is starting to level out.

Despite the ways in which the publishing industry has evolved, there are some who still view being picked up by a large scale publishing house as the only measure of success. This is simply not true. Being published is an incredible accomplishment no matter how as an author you are able to make this dream a reality. Hybrid publishing has become an accessible option for those who are confident in the importance of their message being heard.

For a reminder of why traditional publishing is not the marker of your book’s value, read this article on Publishers Weekly by Brooke Warner.


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Knowing Your Audience
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