May 4

What Authors can Learn from Youtubers


Perhaps the most underutilized social network by authors, YouTube has a lot of potential waiting to be mined in terms of finding that elusive audience. But authors can also find potential on YouTube by studying the YouTubers themselves and applying what they can of the average YouTuber’s process to their own process. By analyzing that same process, authors can also try to avoid what has been bringing down the many YouTubers in the news lately.

It seems like every month or so there is another prominent YouTuber making an offensive comment and losing a huge portion of their audience or sponsorships. What we can gather from their missteps is that due to their rush to keep their accounts updated with daily content, their videos aren’t regulated or haven’t gone through different eyes before they are posted. They have no one checking for errors or anything that can cost them everything. Hence the need for so much editing with books.

Authors have many opportunities for their work to be read, proofread, and edited before it is published so it is important for them to take advantage of that part of the publishing process.

Simply having your work checked out just once is not going to cut it. Don’t let yourself become the next public spectacle because you didn’t put the extra time or money into getting your work looked over properly.

Read more about the YouTuber’s process at The Digital Reader and how it can help authors avert disaster.

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