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The Top Three Problems AI Can Solve for Nonfiction Authors

 “We are living during the most extraordinary time ever in human history!”

Live on Friday, January 12th at 1 PM Eastern

What if AI could help you turn your nonfiction book idea into a bestseller overnight? 

I’m here to tell you how it can!

What if AI can comprehensively address your pain points and frustrations as you struggle to get your book written?  Learn how!

On Friday, Jan 12, 2024, B.L. Ochman, a noted expert in the use of Generative AI for Business, will show you how AI can solve the top three problems nonfiction authors face.This AI training includes demonstrations and insider tips that you simply will not find in even the most expensive courses! Those are long and complex.

The Top Three Problems AI Can Solve for Nonfiction Authors is clear, comprehensive and quick - and it’s free.

In 45 minutes, The Top Three Problems AI Can Solve for Nonfiction Authors workshop will be non-scary, contain no jargon and be filled with examples and practical tips to help you write a best-selling book.

B.L. Ochman ~ Award-winning Digital Strategy, Content Creator, Marketing Video Producer

B.L. Ochman is a Fractional Marketing Strategist and trusted advisor to major brands, podcaster and speaker at more than 25 conferences. She drives growth through groundbreaking digital solutions and Artificial Intelligence (#AI) 

AI isn't a threat - it's an opportunity waiting to be seized!

It's not a replacement - it’s a phenomenal tool designed to enhance, empower and augment your skills, amplify your superb creativity, and supercharge your nonfiction writing. 

And it’s FREE!*

But only if you know how to use AI correctly.

You’ll get practical tips and guidance including specific, actionable advice on how nonfiction authors can strategically use AI tools in their writing process, such as using AI for tasks outside their expertise and leveraging AI for content strategy and optimization.

This AI training will take into account the unique value of human input, perspective critical thinking and experience to create bestselling content – with the help of AI tools.

And of course, we will address Ethical and Practical Concerns about AI and acknowledge the limitations of AI in nonfiction writing, such as understanding context, tone, and nuance, and discuss how human authors can navigate these challenges effectively.

ENROLL NOW - Unlock Your True Writing Potential

Before you give into fear & skepticism or dismiss AI as too technical or too futuristic for your skills, read on!


You don’t need to learn to code and you absolutely will not lose your unique writing style to AI’s robotic sounding text.

This hype-free, practical course is about one thing and one 

thing only – how you can use AI to supercharge your writing skills!

You’ll learn how AI can save you valuable time and provide you with practical skills that you can start using immediately.

The Top Three Problems AI Can Solve for Nonfiction Authors is totally focused on how you can use the power of AI to vastly expand your creative horizon, break through that awful feeling of writer's block and turn fear of technology into your best-selling nonfiction book.

YES!  I want to learn how AI can help me create a best-selling nonfiction book!

Here's how The Top Three Problems AI Can Solve for Nonfiction Authors will show you how to use AI to solve these top problems that all nonfiction authors face.

Researching and Outlining Content

Imagine how much time you could save if AI had the ability to process vast amounts of information quickly and efficiently. AI can sift through extensive data and resources online to find relevant information in seconds. And AI can help you structure this information into a coherent outline, ensuring that your book has a logical flow and covers all necessary topics thoroughly. Effortlessly organize your story structure using AI-assisted outlining methods that will streamline your writing process and make your stories more cohesive.

Quickly finding and analyzing Mentor Text:

These are books and articles by bestselling, successful authors. You can study mentor texts to learn how to add structure, craft compelling opening and closing lines or explain complex thoughts. 

Mentor Text can be books, articles, song lyrics, poems, videos, podcasts and even comic strips! 

Demonstrating this little-known skill, this workshop will show you how to point out the qualities of the text that helped to make them bestsellers. 

But who has time to find, read and analyze all those sources? ChatGPT does it with lightning speed! In fact, AI can locate and summarize 100s of Mentor Texts for you in a matter of minutes- saving you time and helping you brainstorm

Analyzing Nonfiction Readers’ Preferences and Learning Trends:

To help you tailor your content to specific audience interests. Quickly find out what your audience is reading, quoting and sharing. Get bulleted points summarizing the data.

YES!  I Want to Learn to Use AI Effectively!

The Top Three Problems AI Can Solve for Nonfiction Authors isn’t about throwing information at you and wishing you luck.

It’s a practical overview of supercharging your writing in entirely new ways.

PLEASE NOTE: This workshop will NOT be recorded. It is a live presentation that you must attend in order to participate and learn. And, it’s free - no charge. Gratis. As in no payment required. 

YES!  I want to supercharge my nonfiction writing with AI:

Live on Friday, January 12th at 1 PM Eastern