A Non-Scary Deep Dive Into AI - Tailored for Non-Fiction Authors

The Non-Geek’s Guide to Advanced AI for Non-Fiction Authors

An On-Demand Training with B.L. Ochman and Karen Strauss

Are you ready to exponentially improve your non-fiction writing with AI?

Discover how in our exclusive, interactive workshop

The Non-Geek’s Guide to Advanced AI for Nonfiction Authors.

A One-of-a-Kind Training Experience for Non-Fiction Authors

Why This Training?

Exclusive Insights: Learn intermediate to advanced AI applications tailored specifically for nonfiction authors.

Expert Guidance: Led by B.L. Ochman, a renowned Fractional Marketing Strategist and AI expert.

Hands-On Demonstrations: Practical, real-world applications of AI in writing.

AI isn’t our future. It’s our present. We need to be experimenting with this super-charged power now to stay relevant and ahead of the competition.

YES!  I want to learn how AI can help me create a best-selling nonfiction book!

What You'll Gain from The Non-Geek’s Guide to Advanced AI for Nonfiction Authors:

Understand and leverage generative AI for enhanced creativity and efficiency.

Discover tools to enhance narrative structures.

Master AI-driven research techniques, content analysis, and much, much more.

Gain the skills to use a little-known AI voice hack that will save you huge amounts of time and thousands of dollars on the production of your book.

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Special Features of The Non-Geek’s Guide to Advanced AI for Nonfiction Authors

Personalized attention with limited enrollment.

Interactive demonstrations.

Comprehensive course materials, including Cheat Sheets.

Join Us and Elevate Your Non-fiction Writing!

Don't miss this chance to be at the forefront of AI in nonfiction writing.

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What You'll Learn:

In this one hour workshop, we’ll cover (and demonstrate) how AI can be used to:

Answer queries (it’s wrong sometimes) To get the best responses, I like to ask the AI “What else do you need to know to give me a comprehensive response?” “How can I make this copy stronger and more impactful?” “Why?” “Have I left anything that would be helpful to you out of this prompt?” “Can you provide both sides of the issue?”

Easily produce your audio book in multiple languages, using a little-known AI technique that will save you thousands of dollars and a huge amount of your time.

Summarize massive amounts of information in seconds.

Research - WRITING is not the major task when it comes to creating a book — research is. AI can scour the Internet to find the most relevant information at lightning speed.

Produce written and image content.

Idea Generation as a great jumping off point for getting creative juices flowing.

Analyze your content and offer suggestions to improve it.

Identify inconsistencies, errors, and readability issues.

Translate languages.

Help you to understand your audience by creating personas so you can write better content.

Name things - introducing a new character, city name or group name, but you can’t think of anything that sounds right? AI is the perfect way to get a list of name ideas, tailored to your work.

Create scores of content variations in a matter of minutes, each optimized both for the intended target audience as well as for a variety of channels.

End writer’s block. We’ve all been there!

Analyze narrative structures and enhance your storytelling techniques.

🌟 Enroll Now for $197 - a small investment for a major leap in your writing career!

B.L. Ochman ~ Award-winning Digital Strategy, Content Creator, Marketing Video Producer

B.L. Ochman Your guide to mastering AI in writing, with a track record of driving growth through digital innovation. She is a trusted advisor to major brands, an award-winning podcaster and speaker at more than 25 conferences. She drives growth through groundbreaking digital solutions and Artificial Intelligence (#AI)

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An On-Demand Training with B.L. Ochman and Karen Strauss