By the late 1500s the first widely recognized publishing house, House of Elzevir, arose. Five centuries later, their legacy is still reigns as writers of all backgrounds dump their manuscripts to publishers in a manner that can only be paralleled to the American’s dumping of English tea into Boston harbor; by the ton. So why has very little changed in the publishing front? Perhaps because us humans feel more comfortable subduing ourselves and handing our liberties to a higher being. This can explain our historical affinity for religion, monarchy, government and publishing. But while it can be comforting to believe in pillowed clouds and (organic) grapes fed by angels in the afterlife, it may not be so comforting to learn that, in this life, when you hand your manuscript to a publisher, most of your rights to the book end there. Royalties granted for the profit of your book may only amount to 10-15% of sales proceeds. Taking the scary step toward self publishing, however, could promise higher returns and preservation of all rights to your book.

So listen to your Pastor, Rabbi, or whatever other figure you want to store your faith in when you worship—but when you publish, listen to yourself.





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